Choosing the Right Real Estate Lock Box

Whenever you need to provide access to multiple people and don’t want to go through the trouble of trying to track each person down in order to give them the key to access your property, you can install a lockbox to store either a key or card access card or fob allowing multiple people to gain access on an as needed basis.

There are many different types of real estate lock boxes to choose from, which include brand names such as Supra, Shurlok, Guardian, and Keyguard Pro. This is not the complete list of all lockboxes, but it is the primary and most accepted brands used by most property managers.

The lock boxes come with different choices to gain access to the lockbox. Some require a dial combination with three letters. This combination is similar to dialing open a safe. You also have a four numeric or letter combination that is available with the Shurlok lock boxes.

The Keyguard Pro are a pushbutton lockbox with a keypad that has numbers and letter designations.

You can also get lockboxes that have access with a key which allows multiple people to carry one key and access multiple keys to multiple buildings at each location.

Overall lockboxes make it easy to provide a customizable solution allowing multiple people convenient access as needed.

A New Use for the KeyGuard Pushbutton Lockbox

We have seen a recent uptick in the sales of our lockboxes. Not one to sit back and enjoy the mystery, we asked why this was happening. After doing a little digging, we found at least one possible reason.

A law was recently passed towards hospitals requiring that any drugs be under lock and key and that the keys must also be secured. This has forced many clinics and hospitals to buy push button wall mounted lockboxes to store the keys that give access to the drugs. While this slows down their response time during an emergency where the drugs are needed, it also makes sure that only those with correct access can get to the drugs.

The Key Guard Pro wall mounted lockbox from ShurLok has been selling very well over the past several weeks and this may be the reason why.

The LCN 4041 Door Closer Now at a reduced price

We have lowered the cost of the LCN 4041 door closer. We have secured a better deal from our suppliers and are passing those savings right to our customers. The door closer now costs $220.00.

The LCN 4041 doo closer is a heavy duty commercial door closer that has exceeded all test requirements to achieve a grade 1 rating. It comes in three colors: aluminum, durodonic which is a dark brown, and painted gold. IF you would like to purchase one you can click this link to go directly to the LCN 4041 product page.

If you ever need a dentist in Honolulu…

We had to write about this fellow we have come to know over the past month by the name of Wilfred Miyasaki. He lives in Hawaii and is a very good dentist who cares for his patients and is involved in his community as well. This dentist in Honolulu is a delight to talk to and definitely knows what he is doing.

Dr. Miyasaki is currently practicing dentistry at A Dowtown Dental Group in Honolulu HI. He offers tooth whitening, smile correction methods such as braces and Invisalign, and even partial or full dental implants. If you are afraid or have reservations about dentistry, he does offer sedation options so that you can peacefully sleep through the procedures.

This Honolulu dentist has prided himself on how well he and his staff take care of the patient, offering their years of experience in helping their clients make the best decisions for themselves and their teeth. He even does several g\programs to enrich his community, including a candy buyback program at Halloween. He buys the candy kids don’t eat and sends it as a donation to our country’s soldiers overseas.

If you need a dentist in Honolulu Hawaii, look into

Wilfred A. Miyasaki, DMD
1139 Bethel Street
Honolulu, HI 96813


A cosmetic dentist my friend told me about

There’s a friend of mine that needed a cosmetic dentist a while ago and she keeps raving about Beaumont Family Dentistry in Lexington KY. She was totally impressed with them and said that she had never been treated so well by a dentist in her life. They made her feel right at home and even had a massage therapist massaging her arms while the dentist went to work on her teeth. They even served cookies to her after the appointment.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Lexington Kentucky, this is one we’d recommend.

Beaumont Family Dentistry
3141 Beaumont Circle Suite 300
Lexington KY 40513


Hes 8300 electric strike

Hes which is a company that is part of the Assa Abloy businesses has now come out with a fire rated electric strike. The Hes 8300 electric strike is a three-hour fire rated strike that is designed to fit into most hollow metal frames with a very minimal modification to the strike cut out. It is designed to work with most cylindrical lock sets, including but not limited to Best, Corbin Russwin, Falcon, Sargent, Yale, and Schlage. The strike will work with either a 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch latch bolt. The voltage is field selectable for either 12 V DC or 24 V DC. If AC power is supplied, then a rectifier must be installed to convert to DC operation. This strike meets grade 1 standards and is UL listed. You can also use it or wood and aluminum door frame applications. Our hollow metal applications, it can often be installed without having to cut the actual frame face. It also has a vertical adjustment to allow for sagging or misalignment. It has been tested for 500,000 cycles. It also can be ordered with latch bolt monitoring. Hence also offers multiple types of faceplates and finishes.

History of VonDuprin

Von Duprin has been making panic bars and other panic hardware for almost 90 years. Since 1908, when Carl Prinzler, Henry DuPont, and the Vonnegut Hardware Company created and marketed the first working device. VonDuprin is actually a condensed version of their three names. Carl Prinzler, an Indianapolis hardware salesman, was the driving force behind the devices as by luck he missed an appointment in Chicago in 1903. This kept him from being in the Iroquois Theater when it burned down, killing 594 people. Since then Von Duprin has become known as the Cadillac of panic hardware.

Lock Boxes at Home and Work

Using a lockbox to securely hold a key adds a level of security and safety while at home or work. A lockbox at work can allow multiple people to access certain doors using only one key. A lockbox at home can give everyone in the family a way to get in the house. The combination can be changed as often as you like to add extra security.

The lock boxes will hang from door handles, fences, exterior lights, garage door handles, water faucets, or one of many other protruding objects. Some lockboxes are even designed to be screwed into a wall. These can be placed in either a convenient or hidden spot, whatever your choice may be.

Panic bars for gates provide extra safety for school playgrounds

Daycares, nursery schools, churches and elementary schools maintain the safety of their playgrounds and the children using them by installing fences around the perimeter. This helps to prevent children from leaving the playground. It also makes it more difficult for people to access the playground area without receiving the proper screening. This addresses the majority of safety concerns, but, it does create another hazard. If an emergency situation did occur that would require the evacuation of the building or the area, everyone is limited as to the path of egress. It is important that during a time of duress to have multiple points of exit to assure safety for everyone.

This can be accomplished by installing panic bars, and outside trim on the gates built into the fence. These panic bars provide the security needed to deter unauthorized entry from the outside, while providing the same exit systems that are used to control the flow of people, when exiting a building.

An alarm feature is also available on the panic bars, which would sound an alert. If someone were attempting to exit the area during normal business operations an alarm would sound to deter unnecessary use of the gate. Incorporating panic bars for gates into the design of fenced areas eliminates the risk of being trapped if an emergency situation were to occur that would require everyone to exit the area.

Shurlok Key Guard Pro lockbox review

Realtors, homeowners and maintenance companies have been using lockboxes for many years. They were primarily two different sizes available to choose from. One design which was used by Supra as well as Avanti Guardian had a removable lid design, which allowed you to access the keys from the front. The other model was by Shurlok, which had a key access door on the side. Both of these lockbox designs were only capable of holding two to three keys.

Shurlok recognized a need to provide a larger lockbox that would accommodate the storage of a business card, and/or a card access card as well as the ability to hold keys. The solution that they have provided is called the Shurlok Key Guard Prowhich is a larger lockbox with a complete rubber case and a plastic door cover to protect the combination pad from the elements. In order to access the box, you simply need to enter in the code you choose, on the push button keypad, which can be either a numeric or letter code. By having each button labeled the same as the buttons on a telephone, it is easier to have more choices for a code.

Lockboxes very easy to operate and to program. This is a great design for a lockbox and provides the necessary additional room to store the card access cards.